Welcome to the first post of the ShopGrok blog, where over the coming months we will be bringing you all the latest Australian supermarket offers, product and price comparisons, and tips for saving money off your shop.

And to kick off (because ‘tis the season after all!), here’s a quick round up of the Christmas commercials for all of the major supermarkets.

Woolworths – “Share the Spirit of Christmas”

Woolies have gone with the theme of ‘sharing’ this year, and have stuck to a similar script as the ‘Street Party’ campaign of 2016. The 45 second spot features a diverse range of Australian families and celebrates classic Australian Christmas pastimes including beach holidays, street parties and backyard BBQs.

Coles – “What we love about Christmas”

Coles have kept it simple this year via a montage of everyday Australians explaining what they love about Christmas. The feature commercial focuses on kids and older Australians with a brief cameo from Curtis Stone, and a second version is dedicated just to Aussie kids.

Aldi – “The More the Merrier”

Aldi have gone out on a limb this year with a longer format, high production value “epic” that recounts an imagined tale of an ordinary man who remained “not out” after 40 years of neighbourhood backyard cricket, but finally succumbed to the temptation of Christmas lunch.

IGA – Community Stories (Vinnies Christmas Appeal)

IGA have changed it up following their series of humorous commercials throughout 2016 featuring Shane Jacobson, and this year are supporting the Vinnies Christmas appeal with a series of community stories.

Which Christmas commercial do you prefer?